Freights Bay TownHouse

Summer April 15-Dec 15 US$290 / night
Winter Dec 15 – April 15 US$395/ night
Christmas Dec 20-Jan 10th US$450 / night

This town house is ideal for those looking to book a comfortable Surf Vacation – whether Learning to Surf or picking up where you left off from you last Surf Experience. Freights Bay is an easy wave and almost takes away that one stress of Surfing – Paddling! Also knows as “the swimming pool in the ocean that produces perfect clean waves” Freights is very protected from current and large swells making it the ultimate spot for Beginner – Intermediate Surfers and kids of course!

Rip already? Don’t worry, South Point is around the corner from Freights approx a 5 min walk away. South Point is for advanced Surfers and picks up the bigger swells that Freights is protected from. Also when it is small on the south South Point is your “ go to” spot as it catches most of the swell and is our most consistent wave on the South Coast. This townhouse is therefore an ideal accommodation option for all levels of Surfers.

This 3 bed, 3.5 bath ensures your Surf Vacation includes luxury as you have your own private plunge pool! Two bedrooms are upstairs while the third bedroom is downstairs. Want to check the crowd and waves at Freights before you head for your Surf session ? Cross the street to the Clubhouse and enjoy their sun deck and perfect view of Freights. 


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