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Surfing In Barbados - Barbados has lots of different Surf Spots around the island. East coast of Barbados is the home of the World Famous Surf Spot Soup Bowl In Bathsheba. This side of the island is renowned for is wild rugged feel, dark Atlantic seas with big waves and strong currents .

On the Southern Coast of Barbados we have great waves as well, not as intimidateing as Bathsheba- on the south side the water is bright blue the waves are long and soft and peel across white sand beaches. While the south is covered in hotels and restaurants its very beautiful so your family or non surfers would also really enjoy the south coast. On the south we have waves like South Point , Brandens, and Freights Bay mostly left point breaks but still great fun and the odd right hand wave coming inn.

West is usually Flat off Shore amazing snorkeling and fishing bright blue water and very expensive this is where the rich and famous come to play. On the west coast you do get the odd north swell in the winter months and this makes  the waves perfect with the off shore breeze and hollow fast reef breaks on the west.

North coast of Barbados has a few secret spots this side of the island feel like the East with very little development and undiscovered waves. In the north of Barbados we have breaks like Duppies, Maycocks and Hull these breaks only really get good on a north swell in the winter months but are totally worth the drive.  

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