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Best Surfing Beaches In Barbados - The Best Beaches for Surfing in Barbados really depends on your Surfing Ability. In Barbados we have world class waves for Surfing like like Soup Bowl, Duppies and Brendens just to name a few these breaks are for experienced Surfers who have been Surfing all there life i know the drill. Other Surf Spots in Barbados like Freights Bay , Salt Ash and Dover also offer great waves of the Intermediate/ Beginner Surfers who are just cruising,Surfing in Barbados  and want to have some fun. They are also many different breaks on the island where you can go and get a few waves to yourself. depending on your ability the Best Surfing Beaches in Barbados are Soup Bowl, Duppies , Maycocks , Tropicana , Brandens , South Point, Freights Bay and Salt Ash. 

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