Surfing in Barbados

Barbados Surfing the South Coast

The south coast of Barbados is the perfect place to stay for Surfers who are looking for good restaurants and popular night life in close proximity to the Surf. The most consistent breaks are South Point and Brandon’s. There are other amazing spots, such as Freights Bay and Accra.


The Surf in Barbados is usually good for 8 months of the year (November – June). The south coast has long peeling lefts that make your legs burn after a while. The trade winds blow out of the ENE which makes the swells clean and the Surf is super fun. The best time to Surf on the south side of Barbados is at low tide because the waves get really powerful and fast.

If the waves and wind drop off the conditions are likely to be great for Surfing at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba on the East coast of Barbados. Soup Bowl is only a 30 minute drive from the south coast.

Barbados Surfing the East Coast

The East coast is home of the Soup Bowl – a world class right point break that is really heavy and hollow. This wave is for experienced Surfers. When the Surf is up, Soup Bowl Barbados can be compared to the north shore of Oahu. As it faces the east, the wind can often be a factor but there is always waves to Surf.

If the wind is on shore and the current is very strong, pulling to the north of Barbados, its time to get in car and go to the south coast. Usually South Point gets the first of the south east swell and is protected by the wind. The left and right peak make Surfing this wave really fun as you can mix it up. The best Surfing in Barbados is done at low tide.

Barbados Surfing the West Coast

The West coast of Barbados has fantastic waves. However, this side of the island is very inconsistent. If you are staying on West Coast chances are you will have to take a drive to find the Surf. Nevertheless if you wake up and the air feels cold there may be a low pressure system and you may get lucky and Surf a north swell. These swells wrap onto the West coast of Barbados. When these waves break its pure perfection this happens about 6 times a year (from Dec to April). The Surf on Barbados West coast lasts for about 3 days. However, don’t think you get away from the locals, as every Surfer in Barbados calls in sick because the waves are so good on this side of the island. There are many different spots to Surf like Maycocks,Tropicana and Batts Rock.

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