Barrys Surf School Salt Ash

Reef Break, Beginner/ Advanced

Directly in front of Barrys Surf School, White Sands, Upper Dover, St. Lawrence Gap There is a beautiful beach with a variety of waves catering to all skill levels. Up and down the beach, there are several different peaks that work on high and low tides making Salt Ash one of the most versatile surf spots on the South Coast of Barbados. This Wave is mainly a left but on the low tide the rights work as well. It takes Quite a bit of swell for this wave to be high performance but when it does happen it can be lots of fun and very uncrowned. White Sands is perfect for Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons located in St. Lawrence Gap a hub for hotels and restaurants so there lots to see and do all within walking distance to the break. Here are some Places To Stay near Barrys Surf School.


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Barry's Surf School, Salt Ash, Dover Beach, Christ Church, BB15025, Barbados
Tel: +1 246 256 3906